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Explore Bomba wildlife by hunting, fishing, exploring nature and finding culinary delights straight from the nature

The bounty of near-virgin boreal forest and wilderness lakes await you! With Bomba Wildlife, you can have unforgettable wilderness experiences in Finland’s rugged natural settings. As our guest, you can enjoy hunting and fishing, and try out unique culinary experiences in North Karelia, the birthplace of Kalevala, Finland’s national epic.

Bomba Huntlife

Finland offers a breathtaking setting for hunters. – and Bomba Wildlife and its guides will take you where game can be found. Our hunting lodge in North Karelia is surrounded by a vast expanse of wilderness full of game. In the autumn, we hunt members of the grouse species, such as capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse, and arrange wood pigeon and waterfowl hunts. In the spring, our beaver hunt on the shores of lakes and rivers is an unforgettable wilderness experience!

Bear hunts are our most challenging form of hunting, requiring special skills from both the hunters and guides. Most of our bear hunts are led by professional guides in North Karelia.

We arrange elk hunts all over Finland, all the way up to Lapland. You can experience a successful hunting trip in the company of our experienced guides and top-class dogs. Also ask about white-tailed deer hunts in the forest, arranged with our partners in Southern Finland.

Kourukoski is a hunting base in Nurmes, read more about it from kourukoski.fi

Contact information: Vellu Lipponen, +358 45 277 0888, info@bombawildlife.com

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Bomba Fishlife 

Professional fishing guide and chef, Toni Helander, wishes you and your companions a warm welcome to fish on Lake Pielinen, a pearl among Finland’s wilderness lakes. Located in the midst of a virtually virgin forest, Lake Pielinen is one of Finland’s biggest wilderness lakes, stretching 91 kilometres from end to end. It is an excellent pike and zander lake and also home to landlocked salmon and brown trout. We offer trolling or bait casting from a boat for groups of 5 to 8 people. Learn more about Bomba Fishlife and Foodlife. 

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Contact information: Toni Helander, +358 44 377 9334, info@bombawildlife.com

Vene rannalla

Bomba Foodlife and Outdoors

In the company of our experienced Bomba Wildlife guides and chef specialising in fish and game dish- es, you will have unforgettable experiences of Nordic nature.

With us, you can marvel at the breathtaking scenery of North Karelia’s three national parks, breathe fresh air in the heart of the forest – and enjoy pure food prepared on an open fire.

Ready for an adventure? We will take you on a snow- shoe trek to the top of a fell to admire the stars and northern lights, a canoeing trip along a river to enjoy the tranquillity of the wilderness, or to stay over in a lean-to deep in the Finnish “outback”.

We provide trips lasting from one hour to a whole day, and arrange overnight or multi-day treks.



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