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Lakeland Bomba– North Karelian charm surrounded by Lake Pielinen

Located in Nurmes town, Lakeland Bomba is a cultural hub adopting influences from all directions. The North Karelian identity is highlighted in colorful arts and crafts, tradition-driven gastronomy, and wooden architecture. The key landmark of the region is Lake Pielinen, not to mention the three national parks within an hour’s reach.

Surrounded by Lake Pielinen, a great variety of waterfront activities represent everyday life in Lakeland Bomba. Experience the magic of midnight sun  as you paddle or take a late evening walk to the lakeshore in June or July. Or, having a stargazing trek on the ice where you might witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights in winter months. No matter of the season, the quietude of Finnish lakeside has that magic that you will remember for life.

Three national parks – Koli, Hiidenportti, and Tiilikkajärvi – are within an hour’s reach from Lakeland Bomba attracting trekkers from near and far. The local Ellun kallio rock calls for nature-lovers to take a bike or hike tour starting right from the hotel. Jurttavaara hilltop opens to unique views worth experiencing, especially just before sunset. The Raesärkät nature trail leads you along beautiful ridges and ponds in the wilderness.

Puu-Nurmes displays traditional wooden housing architecture from the 1880s to the 1930s, while the monumental Nurmes Church represents newer Gothic-style tiled building from 1896. Bomba House and Karelian Village celebrate Karelian culture with several exhibitions, restaurant, and, The Orthodox Tsasouna within walking distance. The Murtovaara Forest Farm Museum offers insights in the Finnish lifestyle in the past.

Also worth considering is Vanhan Kauppalan Avoimet Ovet, a popular event in mid-August that invites visitors into ordinary homes in the Puu-Nurmes district. Organized the same weekend, Idän Villafestarit brings together amateur & professional knitters to share knowledge and discover lovely wool yarns and patterns produced by local suppliers.

Committed to sustainable tourism, you will find certified service providers and proactive approach to different themes of sustainability. Environmental awareness, cultural sensitivity, and socially equitable working conditions are all part of our day-to-day sustainability efforts, providing genuine experiences that mindful travellers seek.

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