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Lakeland Bomba – Beautiful nature with North Karelian culture

Eastern Finland is known for thousands of lakes and vast wilderness, and Lakeland bomba makes no exception. Located in Nurmes municipality, the town has always been a cultural hub. Over the course of history, the local settlement has adopted influences and residents from east and west, north and south, establishing a unique North Karelian identity. As a travel destination, Lakeland Bomba cherish traditions without forgetting modernity. We are engaged and speak for sustainable tourism – above all for the sake of biodiversity and global climate, but also for the future generations who are about to live here, and you, our dear guest. Although Bomba House and Karelian village will always be the brand’s spiritual home, some of our dedicated fans may associate rather with Lake Pielinen landscapes or Puu-Nurmes architecture, the key landmarks of Nurmes township. Regardless preferences, we all share a common factor, the appreciation of nature and finding peace within and without. To which North Karelian culture give a rich addition.

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