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How to arrive and getting around in LakelandBomba

LakelandBomba is a unique and picturesque tourist destination in Nurmes located in the traditional landscapes of North Karelia. Depending on your travel plans and where you are arriving from, sometimes the most carefree and environmentally friendly option is to travel by train to LakelandBomba. If you want to traverse the region’s charming village attractions or explore its mythical secrets extensively even on the weekends, we recommend traveling by car. In summer, even a longer trip can be easily traversed in the saddle of a bike or walking along safe walking trails.

How to arrive in LakelandBomba?

LakelandBomba is a tourist attraction in ​​Nurmes, which is your holiday destination as well by using public transport.

By train

You can catch a commuter train to Nurmes from Joensuu, which has good connections to Helsinki. Traveling on a commuter train takes about two hours, and trains arrive and depart twice a day. The train is the most carefree and naturally the best way to arrive to Nurmes via its railway station that exudes its enigmatic history. Check VR’s website for more detailed train timetables.

By bus

Do you prefer using public transport? Then you should hop on the bus! Several buses leave from Joensuu and Kajaani to Nurmes every day. The same bus travels between Joensuu and Kajaani as well. The bus also leaves Kuopio once a day for Nurmes on all days of the week, except on Saturdays. Check the bus timetables on Matkahuolto’s website.

By car

There are many roads that lead to Bomba, the scenery of which is also favorable for all car passengers. The car journey from Joensuu, Kuopio, and Kajaani takes about 1.5 hours. If you arrive from Helsinki, the trip will take approximately 6 hours.

By boat

Bomba can also be reached smoothly by water in the breathtaking scenery of Lake Pielinen! You will find a boat refueling point at Break Sokos Hotel Bomba, and guest marinas at either Break Sokos Hotel Bomba or in the downtown area of Nurmes. There is also a  water and electricity and septic tank emptying point in the marinas.

By air

You may also choose to fly to Bomba. The nearest airports can be found in Kuopio, Joensuu, and Kajaani, which have direct flights to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The most convenient way to get to Bomba from the airports is to arrange rides with your accommodation or rent a car from the airport. Please note that there is no car rental in Nurmes. Buses drive daily from Joensuu and Kajaani to Bomba. Check flight timetables on Finavia’s website.

Getting around in Bomba

Hop in Katuri

Katuri is call-directed scheduled traffic. The drivers of Katuri know the region of Nurmes inside out and are ready to transport you between the villages in Nurmes. Katuri is driven from the front door to the front door or from the agreed place on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Order Katuri at least three hours before the desired journey from +358401045191. Morning transport should be booked the day before. Tell on phone your name, telephone number, pick-up location and destination. Stops are every hour: Porokylä S-Market, Porokylä K-Market, health center and  bus station.

Get around Nurmes smoothly by bus

On the bus that travels between Joensuu and Kajaani, you can also stop by the village of Valtimo in Nurmes every day.

Hail a taxi

We recommend booking a taxi in advance if you already know your own schedule for the holiday. The telephone number of the taxi center is 0200 14200.

Equipment rentals

In fine weather, it’s definitely worth renting a bicycle, and adventuring in the peaceful and stunning nature of Bomba. You can rent bicycles from the downtown area of Nurmes from either Konesola Kesport or the Youth and Tourist Centre Hyvärilä.

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