Koli National Park

Kolin kansallispuisto

A Finnish National Park that has inspired countless artists, poets, and authors since the Romantic era.  A place from which you can draw inspiration time and time again. An hour’s drive from Nurmes you can find Koli National Park and the Finnish national landscape loved by both us Finns and travelers from far and wide. On its trails, you can wander and relax in the peace of ancient forests of Koli and Lake Pielinen in all seasons.

You too can experience the enchantment of Koli National Park, the poetic scenery on the top of its rugged cliffs, and the antiquity of the white quartzite cliffs! The National Park trails are suitable for hikers of all ages and fitness all year round. The trails are also partially suited for the disabled.

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Kolin kansallispuisto
Ylä-Kolintie 31, 83960 Lieksa
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