Vanha Kauppala

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Vanha Kauppala and Puu-Nurmes

On a ridge shaded by steep streets and beautiful birches, right in the heart of Nurmes you can find the protected and historically valuable Puu-Nurmes (Wooden Nurmes) and Vanha Kauppala (Old Market town). The majority of the area’s building property dates from the 1880s to the 1930s. Therefore Puu-Nurmes is known as one of the best-preserved wooden house areas in Finland. The residents of the area are especially lucky, as the ridge offers magnificent views of Lake Nurmesjärvi and Lake Pielinen. You too can admire the scenery and explore the area on foot to admire its birch-lined streets and idyllic cityscape at its best. Travel tip: you can visit one of the wooden houses in the area, Voima Villa!

Since 1982, efforts have been made to protect the unique cultural environment of Vanha Kauppala and Puu-Nurmes. The residents’ association actively strives to promote the vitality and awareness of Puu-Nurmes to all visitors. Come visit and experience the distinctive beauty of Puu-Nurmes yourself for example by rental bike! Vanha Kauppala is a nice place to visit with kids as well. Try out Satama (Harbor) playground and beach!

Recommended walking route in the Vanha Kauppala and Puu-Nurmes:

  • The train station is a protected building with a café inside. The building has nice unique details. Address: Raatihuoneenkatu 24.
  • Kauppatori is the main market where markets are held in summer Mondays. See monument to composer PJ Hannikainen from behind the square. Address: Kauppatori.
  • The church from the top of the ridge cannot be missed. The magnificent church has seen Finland’s independence, many wars and a lot of different life cycles over the years, which have left their mark on it. Address: Kirkkokatu 17.
  • A beautiful huge wooden house Kauppalantalo is a former town hall. Address: Karjalankatu 1.
  • Visit one of the oldest wooden houses in Puu-Nurmes, VoimaVilla. A small shop includes wellness products and food products for yourself or as a gift. Address: Raatihuoneenkatu 7
  • Walk though fire alleys to on top of the ridge and see the views to the both sides of the lakes. See birch tree alleys and wooden houses built between the 1880s and 1930s. Then walk to The Nurmes House which is a local culture house. It contains the city library, the Tyko art gallery, the Kötsi Museum, the cinema and the Harju café. The Nurmes House offers a magnificent lake view of Nurmesjärvi. Address: Kötsintie 2.


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Kirkkokatu 8, 75500 Nurmes

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