Rantaraitti talvella

If you wish to explore the center of Nurmes in more detail, you only need to head down the Rantaraitti beach road located on the shores of Lake Pielinen and Nurmesjärvi. You can get to Rantaraitti from either the Mikonsalmi bridge or the promenades. The beach road is a great way to traverse the center of Nurmes and find its unique places to visit. Rantaraitti ends at Työväenkatu street, but you can continue heading down to the Nurmes House, library and local culture centre. From there, you can continue to the graves of heroes in the Cemetery at Nurmes Church. To continue your journey back to the Old Town, change to walk to the other side of the street at the traffic lights. If you wish to continue to the Mikonsalmi bridge, go from the harbor to walk on the sandy beach route. The route has stunning views of Lake Pielinen and benches so that you can rest both your feet and eyes in the unforgettable landscape of North Karelia.


75500 Nurmes

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