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Bomban talo talvella
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Bomban talo talvella
Bomban tsasounalta

Bomba House

The gorgeous Bomba House and Karelian village radiate Karelian architecture and culture down to every log. You can find a hotel and restaurant services, a relaxing spa and program services, a summer market, a summer theater, and a tsasouna in the area. The spa is accessible. From the Bomba house, you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, and other local products made with love for the craft. You can also grab Karelian delicacies from the cafe.

In addition to the boutiques, you can also explore the region’s unique exhibitions and theme days. Accommodation in the idyllic Karelian village is also possible; staying in one of the hearty lodges will give your holiday a personal touch and experience of Karelian hospitality at its best!

Spend time at Bomba House by getting to know the exhibitions, boutiques and enjoy coffee at the cafe. Explore the environment such as the Orthodox tsasouna and memorials around the area. Stop by at Spa Bomba to relax or enjoy Karelian Pies at Bomba house cafe. Bomba house is open from Friday to Sunday from 11-16.  Address: Suojärvenkatu 1.

History of Bomba House

The jewel and main attraction of the Karelian village is the Bomba House, the architecture of which tells you of the colorful history of the area as a meeting point between West and East. The house, which opened in August 1978, is a copy of a house built in 1855 by Yegor Bombin. The original house was located in Suojärvi village which is nowadays part of ​​Russia. In the original house on the site of the house used to be a barn and in the former Bomba house you can now feast in restaurant’s halls. The loved Karelian village was also built around Bomba House to complement the area’s tourist services.

The current Bomba House is slightly larger than its predecessor in Suojärvi, but otherwise follows the same architecture. Bomba House is also a tribute to Karelian building architecture: the structures, among other things, utilize long, round log trees that last for decades. In the restaurant, the Karelian food culture lives strong as well, and its tables are rich with traditional dishes and cheerful speech. The restaurant hosts various types of events throughout the year.

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Bomban karjalaiskylä
Suojärvenkatu 2, 75500 Nurmes
010 7830 450

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