The idyllic landscape of Lake Mujejärvi and its numerous small lakes provides a great setting for those who want to relax and recharge. You can easily quiet down to listen to the cuckoo in an old forest and breathe in the forest’s serenity. Lake Mujejärvi also offers you the opportunity to stay in nature, either by sleeping in sheds, in a wilderness hut, or a rental cabin. If you wish to test your skills and fitness, you can challenge the slopes of the rugged gorge. It is also possible to go kayaking and get to know the many residents of the lake, such as a beautiful swan couple.

You can explore the area of ​​Lake Mujejärvi from many directions and take small excursions for several days in its beautiful landscape shaped by cliffs, ridges, and lakes. On your trip, you should head to the western parts of the area to see the nearly four-kilometer-long and in some places steep Uuronrotko gorge, which is one attraction shaped by nature you cannot let slip by!

There is a total of about 30 kilometers of marked hiking trails with two ring routes in the area. Mujejärvi is located 40 kilometers from Nurmes.


Mujejärvi, 75930 Nurmes
0206 39 5654

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