Pristine lakes rich with fish and brilliant ridge forests are the elements that make Peurajärvi. Peurajärvi is a small hiking area on the border of Nurmes and Sotkamo. You can choose your hiking trail from two different ring routes, one of which goes around Lake Mäntyjärvi and the other around Lake Iso-Valkeinen. There is a short connection from the northern part of Lake Peurajärvi to Hiidenportti National Park, where you can also find good hiking trails in the lake’s breathtaking scenery. There are about 15 kilometers of marked trails for hiking and trekking. The hiking area has two huts, a shed, an information point, five campfire sites, and a kitchen shelter to make hiking in the pure nature of Lake Peurajärvi as easy as possible for you!

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Porttijoentie 136, 75500 Nurmes
0206 39 5654

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